Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yes God!

Our bible study right now is the book "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God" by Lysa TerKeurst. It is an awesome book and it's actually going along with my life right now. Isn't that just how God works? It's amazing! Let me tell you about it...

Last Friday God presented an opportunity to me at work to go ahead and quit to do Mary Kay full time. It wasn't exactly what I had "planned" but that's not always God's plan, right? I knew that Doug was going to say we couldn't do it. As soon as he got home from work on Friday I told him everything. The only thing Doug said was, "Can you do it (MK)?" He has seen how hard I work and how passionate I am about my business. I said, "Yes!" (not really knowing). He said, "Then do it." I'm going to be stepping out on faith with God's help alone. I'm so excited yet so scared! "Yes Lord I want Your courage to do what I feel You are calling me to do." The perfect quote from our bible study. I didn't tell the owner my decision until this past Friday so I could have a week to get confirmation from God of our decision. Confirmation came over and over. First from this bible study. Last week was actually the second week of the study but I had missed the first. I have to admit, I hadn't read any of it before I went on Sunday. But the whole chapter DeeDee taught on was about saying "yes" to God even when it seems difficult. "Whatever God says do, do it!" Over the week I had other confirmations from God that if I just trust Him we can do it together. I'M READY AND I'M SO EXCITED! I've made it this far with God's help working full time. I can't imagine what I can do full time with God's help! I'll be able to attend Bible Studies, Director meetings and the possibility to make much more money. There are endless possibilities with God's help and this wonderful Mary Kay business. I completely trust God to provide everything we need. Please continue to pray for Doug and I as we go through this transition. We've never been on a budget but we're about to start. Should be interesting but I know we can do it. I'm working out a 3 week notice until I go to Dallas. I can't wait for God to lead me on this journey to more divine appointments and teach me more about himself. Yes God!


DeeDee said...

Alison, that is wonderful!!!!

I will be praying with/for you.


Tricia said...

That is so exciting Allison! And I have been praying for you, I picked your name out of the bowl on Sunday night! So excited to hear that God is speaking to you and your are listening and stepping out in faith and obedience!